2014 Waitlist

CSA Staff

Josie Hart-Genter - CSA Community Coordinator
Josie comes to the CSA from the Gardens’ York Street location, where she developed and taught a variety of programs for children’s education. With the CSA since March of 2011, Josie manages the volunteer program, the shareholder expereince and communication, CSA sales and distribution as well the CSA website. A love of local sourced cooking and gardening has helped fuel Josie’s passion to be a part of a community supporting agriculture program.

Phil Cordelli - CSA Head Grower
Last year was Phil's first in Colorado, coming from the humid and rainy climate of western Massachusetts, where he helped manage a 55-acre organic vegetable farm.

Jamie Wickler - CSA Seasonal Grower
Jamie has always had a love for the outdoors; anything from hiking, skiing, camping, and of course gardening. She is so excited to join the Chatfield CSA this year and to be part of a community working towards a sustainable food source.

Chris Krabbenhoeft - CSA Seasonal Grower                                                                       Chris comes to us from a background of music festivals, hippy reunions, Tibetan Prayer flags and local agriculture. He likes to ride his bike 20-30 miles a day and enjoys truck driving. Chris' favorite foods are peach cobbler and frozen bananas.