Become a Supporting Shareholder

Our Supporting Shareholders do more than purchase a share of veggies – they are a vital part of the farm’s education and outreach programs. Supporting Shareholders helped initiate the Farm Stands in Food Deserts program, bringing fresh produce to underserved neighborhoods in Denver.

In partnership with Denver Human Services (DHS), the Gardens has operated farm stands in Sun Valley, Montbello, and Park Hill. At the Farm stands we sell fruit, honey and eggs as well as our produce grown at Chatfield Farms, and we accept EBT payments, even giving a 50% discount to those customers, who need to stretch their food dollars. We also provide food at no cost to those who are in need of further assistance.

The donations from each Supporting Share help keep our prices as low as possible, while still paying our farmers a living wage (which sadly is not always the case on many farms! A few years ago a study of small farmers found that the median hourly wage for a beginning farmer was $3 an hour!)

The Supporting Shares have also helped us expand and improve our Veterans Farm program, which last year provided stipends and 10 weeks of intensive training for 16 veterans here at Chatfield Farms, but also touring and working with many small farms along the Front Range. This winter we were able to start an advanced winter course of study and hire a Program Coordinator full-time.

Your support has helped us touch the lives of many diverse individuals and families that might not have contact with Denver Botanic Gardens, sustainable farming practices, or fresh local produce. Thank you for getting this all started, and keeping us going!



 Supporting Shareholders at the Farm to Fork Dinner, 2014