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CSA Shares Available in February

Posted 1/4/2021 4:35pm by Josie Hart.

Greetings, shareholders and friends!

Happy New Year, everyone; no need to reflect on 2020, we all know how it went. However, we do want to thank you all for your amazing support, kind words, enthusiasm and community last season. The weekly distributions in the open air were the highlight of our summer. Seeing your faces light up when you came to pick up your produce really made the smoky skies, the drought and the heat all worth it! 

Usually, CSA share renewals happen in January. This year, we are moving from our old website to a new one and ask for your patience as we create something simple and streamlined. We plan to open share sales the second week of February. Stay tuned.

For now, you can find information about the CSA here on Denver Botanic Garden's main website, although we are still adding prices, etc.: 


Soon, we will start emailing you through MailChimp instead of this platform. Please add the new email to your contacts as soon as you get it so we don't get lost in your spam-land.

All returning shareholders will have priority to renew for the rest of February before we release shares to our waitlist. 

An updated list of share options and prices will be emailed to you ahead of time to ensure the process of buying a share goes quickly. In the mean-time, if you have specific questions about the coming season, feel free to reach out! 

Let's make 2021 full of connection, beautiful food, nurturance, and hopefully more moisture!


Josie and the CSA Team