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CSA weekly e-news May 30-June 5th

Posted 5/30/2020 11:02am by Josie Hart.

Dear Shareholders,

This is it! We are so excited to grow fresh food for you all! Please remember to bring your own bag (you will only need one this week) and refer to our safety protocol email if you need a reminder. Please park in the parking areas provided, hop into line and we will hand you a prepared vegetable share on a tray. Easy-Peasy! No contact! 


Harvest List - June 2 and 4 (list is subject to change based on weather and other dynamic factors of farming)


baby bok choy

radish bunch

assorted herbs

As the season goes we will have more and more items - we appreciate your patience with us!


Featured Recipe - Chopped Bok Choy Slaw

4-6 baby bok choy heads

2 T olive oil

3 t lime juice

3 t toasted sesame oil

1 bunch scallions/green onion chopped in large pieces

1/3 cups roasted peanuts

1/4 thinly sliced hot pepper

Clean and separate bok choy, add bok to a bowl with chopped scallions, cover in oils and a dash of coarse salt/pepper, place on a medium-hot grill in a grill basket. Turn over once, searing the edges of the bok choy and cooking until the water steams out.

Chop cooked boy choy mixture (use culinary scissors)

Cover cooked scallions and bok choy with lime juice, chili and chopped peanuts - salt/pepper.

Pairs well with an Asian inspired teriyaki salmon or Asian short-ribs or a crispy chili tofu.

Add-on Shares that are ready for pickup Tues/Thurs:

- eggs

- mushrooms

- yak meat

If you purchased a meat share it will be delivered to your house on Tuesday. For Thursday meat shares you will pick up at the farm. Please check to see what you purchased!

Here is a group picture of our whole team, in the beautiful Iris Garden at Chatfield Farms:

*You will need to wash all of your produce before consuming well. Due to Covid, we are handling all produce much less at our washing facility, so please double wash when you get home.*