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Flower Shares Info

Posted 6/26/2018 5:24pm by Josie Hart.

Dear flower share friends,
We are excited to start the flower share a little early this year! Today or next Thursday you will receive your first flowers. For folks picking up today, you will get one bunch of snap dragons, one bunch calendula, 2 asparagus ferns and one perennial stalk. As we get more into the season, we will increase the amount of flowers you will get in your share. 

The flower share this year is more of a "DIY" share. We will give you a variety of pre-bunched flowers and you can build your own bouquet when you get home. Each week, you will receive a mix of foliage (asparagus fern) different colors and varieties of flowers and some "fillers" like perennial yarrow or bee balm, etc. to fill out your bouquet. 

Make sure to put your flowers in water when you get home and change the water daily so your fresh cuts last a week or more. 

Please email me if you have questions about your flowers. You will pick up every other week - so today is our first Tuesday and next week will be our first Thursday.  

Josie - Farm Program Manager