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The Balanced Belly Share!

Posted 4/10/2017 12:32pm by Josie Hart.

Dear shareholders,

We have great news! We are ready to sell our Balanced Belly Share, offered by none other than Five Points Fermentation Co (a small, employee-owned collective of scientists, artists, herbalists and chefs.)

An imbalance of probiotic or beneficial microbes to pathogenic microbes in the gut can be indicted in ailments ranging from depression to gluten intolerance, to acne. This year we are offering you and your digestive system a choice.

Restoring your gut can be a fun and beautiful adventure. We are hand-crafting and curating an intentional and delicious probiotic experience that you can’t find…anywhere but here.

We’re bringing you something new and delicious every single week for 20 weeks, exposing you to a diversity of beneficial microbes, organic herbs, spices and local fruits and veggies. 

Each Week you'll will receive a probiotic cocktail like our Immortal Jun Tea (with a base of unusual, organic fine teas from China, raw Rocky Mountain honey & El Dorado spring water). Or, one of our mineral rich “BioBeers” incorporating our organic roots, herbs and seasonal fruit from Colorado farms and orchards wrapped up into creations like The Tale of Ashwagandha (local berries, ginger, bitter orange peel, passionflower, lime juice, raw honey…etc). 

Each Month you’ll receive a pound (16 oz) of  probiotic veggie creations such as: Mamma CJ's Summer Kimchi, our Ayurvedic curry kraut - recipes are from experts around the world that focus on the heritage of foods from India, Korea, Germany, etc. We bring you organic spices and flavors from around the world with organic veggies grown by Colorado’s most talented farmers.

Five Points Fermentation will send you a love letter each week describing her bio brew creations and cultured veggies along with their health benefits and recipe stories. You will also have access to exclusive, hands-on traditional food workshops and culinary events. 


Price Break-down: Weekly 32 oz growler (four 8 oz glasses) - $17 Monthly
1 lb (16 oz) of cultured veggies - $12 monthly 

$20 a week, charged to your account on a monthly basis ($80 a month). 
This share is 20 weeks long, $400 total each share.


Reach out directly at fivepointsfermentation@gmail.com or questions and preview some of the upcoming flavors and recipes. 


 Asia Dorsey, owner of Five Points Fermentation at Union Station Farmers Market